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    Information on Corona vector vaccine

    Information in several languages and why it's good to be vaccinated
    Information on Corona vector vaccine

    On September 22, everybody has the possibility to get vaccinated. For further information see this page:

    To be well prepared and have all information you need, we provide a link to translated official information papers on COVID-19 and Vector Vaccines. The links below guide you toa list of documents in pdf format. You can download them in the following languages:

    • Albanian
    • Amharic
    • Arabic
    • Bulgarian
    • Dari
    • English
    • Frensh
    • Greek
    • Italia
    • Croatian
    • Kurdish
    • Pashto
    • Persian
    • Polish
    • Romanian
    • Russian
    • Serbian
    • Somali
    • Spanish
    • Tigrinese
    • Turkish
    • Urdu

    See all documents here: Vector Vaccines / Johnson&Johnson

    More general information about Corona in a lot of languages are provided on the Webpage of the official integration office

    Information in easy german language: Easy German

    • Why should I be vaccinated?

    First: A vaccination provides you from death through a COVID19-Infection. Second: The probability to get infected is lowered and also the probability to infect others. This is important for all of us to overcome the pandemic situation one day.

    Vaccination is not mendatory. It's your personal choice. All the vaccines agains coronavirus are depevloped within the last two years, that's why you have to sign a declaration of consent - they have emergency athorization, this means you'll get a lot of information about possible side-effects of vaccination. But all of the vaccines are proved scientificly by the european comission for vaccination AND went to a elaborate process of scientificly testing. Millions of peole already are vaccinated around the planet. Seriuos causes of health demage directly related to vaccinations are extremly rare and treatable.