Rhythm Workshop Part II (Fr, 18.11.2022, 18-21Uhr)
Rhythm Workshop Part II (Fr, 18.11.2022, 18-21Uhr) Let´s groove together!

Welcome again - let´s groove together! On Friday, 18th of November 2022, we are going to have a second "Rhythm Workshop" at Clubmitte Potsdam for the Sounds United Project. It´s in english and german and includes very much nonverbal language as well. So if there are any borders in language: it does not mind!

You are welcome! If you would like to join this event and afterwards maybe the project as well, please write a short mail or message via facebook/ instagram. Its free of costs, suitable for everyone in the age of 16-27 and is going to start at 18.00Uhr. #refugeeswelcome #music #musicbringspeopletogether

Feel free to share this! Thanks a lot ?