Our Sounds United  2024
Our Sounds United 2024

Martin Milner is a musician, community music coach and teacher working in making music, education, integration and bringing the pieces together. He comes up with a bunch of experiences bringing people together in music projects, working with children, young people and adults in challenging phases of life, as well as working as a professional musician in Germany and England.

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Charlie, a qualified music teacher and music educator, brings a wealth of expertise to the world of music. As an experienced band coach, Charlie has mastered the basics of all band instruments, with a focus on guitar, bass and vocals. Not only does Charlie give professional music lessons in these instruments, but also shares their knowledge and passion on YouTube.With a wide range of skills and a deep understanding of the musical world, Charlie is always keen to share their passion for music and guide others on their own musical journey of discovery.

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Martin is a passionate musician and teacher. He supervises the workshops around People With instrumentes

Rina is a cultural worker and DJane, she's a overall organizing talent and makes up the DJ Lounge**