GET TOGETHER + JAM (Thursday, 23.03.2023, 19Uhr @Clubmitte Potsdam)
GET TOGETHER + JAM (Thursday, 23.03.2023, 19Uhr @Clubmitte Potsdam)

Welcome to Sounds United! You are interested in music? You would like to be part of a band and your age is between 16 and 27? This could be something for you then - welcome and continue reading ?
Sounds United is a music project to connect young people from Potsdam and refugees who live in or around Potsdam. Get in contact with other musicians, start networking and join our two bands. Actually we started with the rehearsals again. We would like to open up our bands for more people and to have regularly networking events with other people. So welcome to our "GET TOGETHER & JAM" events! Our two bands will show some pieces of their work. And you can have a look, you can have a chat and in the end you also have the chance to jam together. Maybe you will be a part of our bands in the future then?

If you want to take a look or give it a try, don´t hesitate to write a message and/or come over. You are welcome! Important info: the project is free of costs!

Here are our links to follow & connect:

Clubmitte Potsdam | Friedrich-Engelsstraße 22, 14473 Potsdam | freiland Haus 4